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    The Healthy Connection Networking Group brings you better business opportunities that other groups cannot offer. Who wants a referral that leads no where? We attract hardworking, business-minded professionals from all walks of life

    Evening Networking

    The Healthy Connection evening networking events are geared towards businesses that have a desire to learn and network with businesses that are like-minded. These businesses know that when they attend these events they will be sitting beside businesses that they can connect with and who genuinely want to work together. This of course will increase your business to business referral rate and will allow for some in-depth discussions regarding your business.

    Lean-in, Healthy Connection

    Join this co-ed Lean-in in support of any family or work structure where either gender is working from home, staying at home, or contributing to work life balance. This Lean-in group is also for businesses who support these changes & are creating flexible programs to ensure greater equality in the work environment. Equality will only be achieved with the support of men: as partners, colleagues, dads, and advocates. So help us spread the word. Let’s celebrate the women and men who Lean-in, and lets encourage others to join them.

    Social Networking

    Network and enjoy a cup of coffee with other professionals in a child-friendly environment. Attend any time during the event. Discussion topics will be provided to help raise stimulating conversation so you can build your business.

    A wealth of educational activities will be provided for all child who attend. Child supervision will be included.


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