Grant Members

  • Grant Members

    Thank You For Choosing to Help Increase the Health of Your Local Community.

    We believe that you and your organization have the power to affect positive change in the community.

    We understand time is precious so we have created a number of graphics that can be shared through social media and other outlets in order to assist you in advertising your project/program submission.

    Facebook Post for Innovation Grant - Download

    Instagram Post for Innovation Grant - Download

    Twitter Post for Innovation Grant - Download

    Facebook Post for Community Grant - Download

    Instagram Post for Community Grant - Download

    Twitter Post for Community Grant - Download

    To enhance your marketing please use the below tags in your social media posts and don’t forget to tag us in your post!

    Social Media:

    Facebook: @GrowingUpHealthyTradeShow

    Twitter: @GrowingUpHealth

    Instagram:  @GrowingUpHealthy




    Increase Your Exposure

    Bump up your interaction with the people attending the tradeshow and purchase a booth space at the Growing Up Healthy tradeshow. Some of the businesses applying to the grant may already have an established business/organization. Growing Up Healthy is the perfect opportunity for you to interact with your target audience and network with like-minded people.

    You can also purchase a ticket to the Pre and Post Connection Cafes for additional networking opportunities and exposure to influencers in the community.