Open to all businesses, organizations, not for profits, community groups, and people.

    • Network and collaborate with like-minded people.
    • Foster strategic partnerships that will advance your business and the health of the local community.
    • Create change, make a difference, have an impact.
    • Discuss issues that you are passionate about.
    • Generate actionable solutions, identify stakeholders, and come up with next steps.
    • Learn the strategies you need to advance your business, create structures, and establish actionable plans.

    A unique experience that you won't find elsewhere.

    Event Sponsor

    DukeCarroll Consulting

    You will have the opportunity to meet the Author of the ‘Marketing 101 Workbook’: How to create a marketing strategy designed for small business.

    Coreen is a business & community development leader and Certified Master Trainer that brings 20+ years of experience and talent to the business and marketing profession.  She has vast knowledge in many sectors including holistic health, healthcare relations, cross-cultural services, and extensive experience working with small businesses, not-for-profits and corporations. Coreen is ever so passionate in supporting businesses to break all limitations and gets excited when business and community come together to support a common goal.


    Pick the Cafe's that best reflect your passion. Increase the health of local families with children, babyboomers and seniors, or those in the caregiving capacity.

    Round Table Topics:
    Prenatal/Postnatal Health of Moms
    Increasing Physical Activity in Children
    Encouraging Healthier Meal Options
    Raising Awareness of Holistic Options

    We will be discussing pressing local needs, the roles that we each are playing, who are additional stakeholders involved or should be involved, what are some of the next steps that should be taken and how can we play a part.

    Time will also be given to discuss the issues that we as businesses are facing and ways that we can combat them.

    The Caregiving Connection Cafe's will be posted shortly.