Top 10 FREE Programs to Help With Your Business – PART 2

  • Written by admin
  • July 31, 2015 at 1:54 am
  • Top 10 FREE Programs to Help With Your Business – PART 2

    written by Stephanie Goertz,  

    I hope you were able to sign up for and try out the first 5 programs that I listed in the first blog I wrote about the Top 10 Free Programs to Help You with Your Business. As a new business owner some of the programs available to you can be overwhelming and time consuming since they can demand a steep learning curve. Hopefully you will find that some of the programs listed in the first half and now in the second half of this blog are fairly easy and quick to use.

    1. Mailchimp – Allows you to send mass emails out to a group of people and see which people have opened the emails, unsubscribed, and clicked on any links. It also shows you the time of day and day of week when people read the emails. All of these options help you to better keep track and analyze your email campaigns
    2. Onenote – A mash of Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint and much more.  Add graphs, tables, internet screen shots, text…. all in one spot. Share and edit the documents simultaneously with multiple people in order to manage your business.
    3. Upwork – This is a program that allows you to access millions of consultants from around the world that can basically work on whatever task or project you need done. Once you post a job you can either wait for people to bid on the work or you can do a detailed search and ask them to apply for the job. The great thing about Upwork is that there are so many people in their database and so many ways to narrow down and find exactly who you need for the job. They also have several ways to rate/score the people in the database so you can be fairly confident you will be working with someone who will get the job completed.
    4. Hootsuite – Allows you to manage, schedule, and monitor multiple social media platforms at once. There is also the option of upgrading your account so that you can get analytical reports on when you should be posting in order to reach your target market.
    5. Picmonkey – Edit your photos or create new artistic collages that you can save and use anywhere. There are numerous options for sizes, layouts, and artistic variations. It is super simple to use and you will come away with a beautiful work of art.