Top 10 FREE Programs to Help You With Your Business – PART 1

  • Written by admin
  • July 31, 2015 at 1:54 am
  • Top 10 FREE Programs to Help You With Your Business – PART 1

    written by Stephanie Goertz

    As a new entrepreneur I know all too well the struggles of time and money and it is because of this I have scowered the internet for FREE resources that I could use to at least help alleviate the amount of time I spend on tedious, time consuming, or otherwise difficult tasks. Over the last year I have cultivated this list through extensive research and testing. Some people may prefer other options but for me, in my early stage of business, these programs have helped me significantly.

    Below is the first half of the top 10 free programs to help you with your business.

    1. Doodle  Simplifies the process of event scheduling by allowing you to pick and choose specific dates and times for an event and requesting that people pick the options that work for them. Instead of emailing back and forth and getting lost in all of the different options or not finding a good time that works for most of the people doodle allows you to quickly review the times and days that work best.
    2. Dropbox Stores all of your photos, docs, videos, and files online and allows you to access them via any electronic device that has Wi-Fi even without an internet connection (so long as you have linked that item with your account). You are also able to share any of these items and you never have to worry about losing anything since you can retrieve deleted files and even go back to previously saved versions.
    3. Google Analytics This program can be linked up with various sources such as your website or event platforms to better analyze statistics on who and when people are viewing the webpages linked to your account.
    4. Google Docs One of the key features of google documents is the opportunity to share excel and word type documents with others and to simultaneously work on them together so that you never have to worry about emailing documents back and forth and not knowing which ones are the most up to date.
    5. Insightly This is an intense program to use but you can pick and choose which options work best for you. It can help you manage your leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. It can also help your run projects and events and keep track of opportunities. I personally do not use all of the options because I have not taken the time to completely comprehend all of the ins and outs. One of the key features I use is the contact management portion which has a gmail app that allows you to click a button in your gmail account and save the contact instantly into your insightly account. This app also gives you the option to save email messages directly into the contact history.