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  • A Large Network of Businesses, Not-for-profits, and Groups

    Coming Together to Create Innovative Events

    Increasing the Health of Local Communities

    We create more than just a tradeshow, conference or networking event.

    We create opportunities to interact, learn, and engage.

    Impact the health of community members, neighbourhoods, and Region by attending or getting involved.

    The Healthy Connection is passionate about bringing people together.

    Creating Connections

    Leveraging the Strengths of Many

    Sharing Knowledge


    The Healthy Connection collaborates with various organizations, groups, and people across Southwestern Ontario focusing on creating innovative events. These events benefit the local community by bringing businesses together across various sectors to have an impact on community well-being.

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    Join others at our Connection Cafes. Share knowledge and expertise on common interests. Create synergies and find ways to work together to combat issues. Learn new tips and tricks on how to reach your market. Explore new product and service ideas while discussing current local market research


    Become an Exhibitor at one of our Tradeshows. Interact with your ideal clients in a fun and exciting space. Network with like-minded businesses. Gain market research from our event data collection strategies

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    Attend our Conference

    Learn about current trends and market research. Gain tips and tricks of how to be a sustainable socially minded business. Listen to what other businesses are doing and learn how to be unique. Network with the people you need to know.


    Sponsor one of our upcoming events

    Contact Stephanie Geortz CEO info@thehealthyconnection.ca